week 30

The best fangirl (Part 1)

It didn't take me very long to find a cab. One of those beautiful old cars with a coupé seat. Of course I rode backwards, staring at the light drizzle that had welcomed me to London. A very typical English day.
It had rained when I left home, so technically, drizzle was a step up. Some cars were honking, people rushed by, folding and unfolding umbrella's according to their need to be dry or not. No kids in the streets. I checked my watch. Oh wait, I had to set it an hour back. It was still school-time apparently.
The cap dropped me off in front of the hotel where I would be staying. A room for one. Just me. On my own. A few days in London. Or more, should I decide to. I really had nothing to pull me back on short notice. School finished, no job yet, no house, no rent. I took a deed breath, after having some trouble paying the driver. Lucky for me he was patient with the nervous Dutch girl.

First thing I did was bring my bags up to the room I booked on the internet. Paid up front, so no problems there.
Looking out the window I saw the drizzle had stopped for the time being. Great! Time to roam the city.
This was fun, no stress, no deadlines, no one telling me what to do or what not. Nowhere I needed to be. All I had to do was find a park somewhere.
There should be one fairly close by. Walking distance, so no more trouble with coins. I knew theoretically how the English currency worked, yet having to make do in real life, gave me the jitters. My hotel was all in, that was perfect for me. Terrible with numbers as I was.
I stepped outside the hotel, asked directions from the first elderly lady I saw and began walking.
The brochure was right, the park was close by. Quiet still, this time of day. Within the hour it would probably be crawling with people.

The grass was green, the leaves were growing. It was early spring and I loved it. I found myself skipping like a little girl and I grinned like a loon. In the distance I noticed a small field. Perfect.
Not a soul in sight, well, not near enough to bother about, anyway. So I would be able to do a bit of flying before people would stop to watch. People always stopped and watched, it was very annoying.
I ran the last few meters, yards, whatever, and gently set my bag down on the grass..
Pealing back the front, after unzipping it all around, I carefully took Lenti out. Lenti was a drone. I build it myself. One of those remote control building things. I used to do the plastic models when I was a kid. Some fighters, a motor, a truck. But this, this was the real thing.
Okay, I'm not one of those nerds, who understand every connection and calculation. I told you, I'm bad with numbers. I just enjoy building from the construction manual, so I can fool around with it.
Right now, I checked if Lenti survived the trip in the suitcase. She was build to be able to face some bumps. I figured I would drop her at least a dozen times before I got the hang of it, so she had to be firm. She was, luckily and had survived everything I had done with her back home, during the testing phase. By now I had mastered the part where I could make her take off and enjoy the flight.
I put on my goggles, which in fact, were merely a pair of enormous, super UV ray-safe sunglasses. They made me look like a freak, but hey, I was staring up at the sky the whole time. Sun or no sun, I would be blind without my goggles.
Checking the area once more to make sure no one was paying attention, I send her up in the air.

Up she went. Gorgeous. Her humming sound growing fainter as she climbed higher and higher. This was heaven to me. I was totally in my element. Air was probably my element. What I wouldn't give to be able to lift of and soar myself.

Lenti's belly was painted a bright pink. That was not in the instruction, but it sure made her easier to see. I moved with her, the empty bag on my back again.
I couldn't look up all the time, obviously. The first time I took her out, we almost had an even count of the times we tumbled down. I had to look at my feet at least every four steps.

Coming to the edge of the clearing, I was about to turn my little drone about, when I heard peals of laughter.
I looked automatically and looked away again. Just some girls laughing. Giggling, actually, about some guy. I looked one more time, turned around and froze.
Was that..? No, it couldn't be.
Momentary forgetting Lenti, I turned again and stared.

Oh. My... Holy...