week 31

The best fangirl (Part 2)

“Shi... ps!” I clamped my mouth shut and quickly checked if no one had heard my cuss.
Doing so however, I accidentally pushed the lever on the remote and Lenti took off. Heading straight for the small group of people not so far away.
I tried not to swear while I started to run. Lenti's range was not so wide and when she reached the end, she would come tumbling down.
A light blinked on my remote, signalling I was already to late, so I ran faster. Right before the falling began, I reached the group of girls, but for now I was a little too distracted to notice that the giggling had stopped. A wave of relieve washed through me when I saw how Lenti reacted to my commands one again. I made her come to me, standing still, hoping I could catch her before she hit the ground.
Landings were still a bit rough.

I took a hasty step back, bumped into someone and before I knew what happened, two long arms plucked my drone out of the air. I quickly shut the rotors down and turned to thank Lenti's saviour.
All of a sudden, all I could do was stare. My mouth had to be open. My fingers slammed against my face. Yes, my mouth was trying to catch flies.
He wasn't that tall, I had seen taller, the girls next to us were just very short. His smile, however, was exactly like on TV though. Amused, happy, infectious. I felt myself grin before I decided not to be nervous. I mean, what is there to be nervous about when you, totally unexpected, run into mister wonderful himself.

“I believe this belongs to you?”
Oh, that voice...
“Ehm... oh, yes, Lenti. Sorry. I got distracted and she flew out of range. I had to run, but I got to her before she crash landed.”
“Yeah, after the first female astronaut: Valentina. Good reflexes, though. The whole landing process is still a bit, ehm... difficult.”
“You don't sound like your from around here.”
Was he asking me a question? Really? I mean, seriously?
“Nope, just enjoying a little vacation, break, what ever.”
This was unreal. I was in London, bloody England and chatting to MTV's declared most sexy man on the planet. He was talking to me, really talking, his fans must be getting annoyed right now. I saw them eyeing me, with looks that bordered on murderous.
“Sorry,” I stated again quickly, before they killed me. “I'm keeping you from ehm... them. I will just go... over there.” I waved at a bench a few hundred feet away. Like he would care.
Somehow he kind of looked like he did. He nodded, opened his mouth as if to say something, nodded again and turned back to his squealing fans.

I was a fan, I mean, who wouldn't be? Just look at him. I looked over my shoulder just to prove my own point. He was looking as well. I nearly tripped over my feet.
Could that be? Was he watching me leave? I wasn't leaving, not really. Not before he would. I would sit here all night, should he decide to camp there.

I found my bench and sat down, forcing myself to the task of checking Lenti and putting her, the remote and my goggles back in the bag. After that, there was nothing stopping me from ogling my favourite actor.
He looked again and I waved.
This was surreal. Nice, but surreal. I'd better enjoy it while it lasts.

By the forth time he glanced my way, I checked my watch. Those fans sure kept him busy. I mean, how much time did it take for some ten girls to get autographs, shake hands and take pictures. I wanted them to disperse, so he could come and sit by me.
Yeah, right. Like that would happen. No. But I could still wish for it, right?