Chapter 4

Frin looked up. His eyes were above her, a bit condescending perhaps, but still so close she could almost drown in them, had they been blue.
“Tell me,” he said, “were you just making sure I really left, or were you worried about me?”
He took a step back, holding her by the shoulders, that way placing a little space between them. Space she urgently needed to be able to breath again.
“I wasn't... I mean, I was looking were you were. Not worried, just... you were gone all of a sudden. Of course I looked.” Frin shook her head to get rid of the cobwebs and finally shook herself to get him to let go of her.
“I had to make sure I wasn't going crazy or something.”
“And?” His eyebrows shot up in a questioning way and deflated, she answered: “Nope, still not sure.”

Unsure whether he would answer her question about where he had been, she tried to walk past him without falling of the narrow dock. She managed without toughing the soft material of his suit too much and began to walk back to the house. His footsteps were behind her and after a moment of silence, she couldn't help herself and asked: “So, where were you, really?”
“I never left your kitchen.”
This made her pause and question her sanity. There was no place in her little kitchen to hide a grown man, unless he hid under the table. No, she would have felt that. Maybe he could make himself very small and hid behind a leg of the chair. Now why would he do that?
“You were... in the kitchen? The whole time?” She turned to face him, standing on the small porch. It made her see eye to eye with him and again she had to check her sanity. Maybe it was an Asgardian mind trick, something like a Jedi. He was making her mind go blank simply by looking at her. He didn't answer, simply smiled.
“No, you weren't,” she finally managed to utter.
“You felt ill at easy, being in my presence, so I gave you the illusion of my not being there. It was quite amusing, I must add.”

It was difficult to decide whether she should be grateful for his consideration, or annoyed by his amusement at her dispense. She finally settled for making a muffled grrm-like sound and turned to enter the house.
It was times like these that she was so grateful she didn't have any neighbors. Off course she never had encountered a time quite like this before, but should she have had any neighbors, she would have been ashamed to have them see her talking to no one.
The sound of his shoes followed her inside and the soft closing of the door made her confused. All of a sudden he was being mister nice guy now? It would make it all the more difficult to stick to her decision never to cook dinner for him.
Not knowing what to do next, there was no homework to be done at the moment and she doubted if she could concentrate enough for that anyway, she slumped down on the couch. The same couch he would sleep on that night. Don't go there Frin.
He chose the only other seating option and gracefully lowered himself into the armchair.
“How long is your banishment?” She fired at him before he had a chance to say anything, before she lost her nerve. “I mean, how long will you be staying here? In my house I mean? I mean, you can sleep on the couch for as long as you like, but I imagine you prefer a real bed. Kingsize, with curtains or something.”
His eyebrow quirked up and that was the only response she got.
“Look, you're the one invading my house, at least give me something. I feel bad enough talking to a guy that I alone can see, it makes me feel insane. I really don't need the silent treatment just because you're all high and mighty about us lower humans. Which you just informed me I'm not, so you really have to talk to me.”
“If you desire me to be visible for everyone else, it is easily done.”

What did that mean? Other people could see him now as well? So, soon they would start chatting about how Frin Dottir had a man living in her house? Yes, he talked, but she wasn't sure this was a reply she liked.
“Ehm... alright. So people can see you now? That's good... I suppose. You will need to wear other clothes though. I mean, you look good in a suit, you really do, really, really do, but not many people were suits over here. Especially not in weekends.”
“You wish me to change my outfit?” That is what she just said, right? She nodded patiently, expecting him to do that ripple effect thing again and change all of a sudden.
He didn't. He stood up, loosened the buttons of his jacket and took it off. He carefully folded it and placed in om the arm of his chair. He wore a waistcoat and took that off as well. Next was the tie.
Was it getting warmer in the house? Perhaps the heater was broken. It was definitely warmer. What was he doing? He wouldn't...
“What are you doing?”
“You just told me to change my outfit.”
Since when did he listen to her? “Yes, but, I mean... just do that shimmer thing. Like you did before. Don't go stripping in the middle of the living room.”
“I cannot repeat my previous actions. The power to do so has been taken from me the moment I took, as you might call it, human form.”
“This is not what you look like up... eh... there?” She pointed at the ceiling, feeling a little stupid by doing so.
He ignored her finger and answered: “My outward appearance has not changed, I simply no longer have the abilities I have as Asgardian.”
“So, that means... no more clothes changing, crash landing... and, what? No more fake cakes on the kitchen table?”
He smiled at that. An actual smile. Frin felt her knees go week. She had to pull herself together and count to a hundred or something. She would give him anything he asked for, if he smiled like that at her.
“I still have a few tricks up my sleeve, but yes, in truth, I can no longer simply choose my attire. Will this do?”

His waistcoat and tie had been neatly folded as well and were now lying on the arm of the chair, on top of his jacket. The top two buttons of his green shirt were open. The pale triangle of skin did wonders for her sanity. All of a sudden she couldn't care less about how long he would stay in her house.
She had to clear her throat before she was able to make a sound. “Um... sure, fine... for now. You will need to get some more clothes and stuff. That is, if you will be here more than a few days. Will you be?”

For the first time since she saw him, a look of vulnerability crossed his face. It made him look young. It made her want to hug him. Even more than she already did.
“I don't know.” His words came like a whisper and she felt chills running up and down her back.

The mood swing only lasted a short minute, after that he was his arrogant, self assured self again.
“Yes, I will need certain necessary items during my stay here.” He eyed the couch conspicuous. Frin was afraid the next thing he would say was that he would take her bed. She had to put a stop to that trail of thought before he would take over her house completely.
“No, you can't sleep in my bed.” Okay, that didn't come out right. She felt her cheeks ignite and wished her body would melt right trough the couch, into the dirt under the house. From the look on his face, he knew exactly what it was that she hadn't meant to say.
“I will not sleep in your bed, Frin Dottir. The couch will suffice, for now.” He sat back down and looked at her.

His staring made her uneasy. Especially because she had no idea what she was suppose to do. It wasn't like she had much experience with boys. Technically he didn't even fall in that category.
“How old are you?” The words left her mouth before she could stop them. Luckily he simply shrugged and said: “In your years? More than you wish to know.” He left it at that.

After another round of silent staring, she decided to resume normal Friday activities and stood up.
When he followed her into the kitchen, she ignored him. At least, she tried.
The fridge was alarmingly empty. Making a decision, she turned to face him and asked: “Wanna go shopping?”